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Quick Facts about Background Checks

Background searches provide valuable information about a person's past activities. For instance, background checks are an essential part of the hiring process. Before hiring someone for a job, the employer looks for red flags in their public or private records.

Once the employer has secured this information, they can determine whether an individual is qualified for the position or not.

However, background checks are not just for employment purposes. Some other examples include background checks for tenants or online dating profiles. You can ensure your safety or gain more knowledge about someone by conducting a background investigation.

Before the advent of technology, it was difficult and time-consuming to get someone's past information. Today they are conducted by agencies, which can still take longer and cost you more. So, more people are going for people search engines that make it easy and quick to get the relevant information about a person.

What is a Background Check?

Typically, a background check is conducted when you apply for a job. But employers can go for background checks whenever they think it is necessary.

Simply put, a background check is a process used to authenticate whether an individual has provided correct information about themselves. It is an opportunity to verify a person's past activities, including education, employment history, and other records.

Moreover, if you are working with vulnerable sectors, such as those involving children, then background checks ascertain whether you can be trusted to take care of the vulnerable people or property.

What are the common types of background checks?

There are many types of background checks available, and the right one for you depends on your requirements. For instance, if you are meeting your online date for the first time, you may want a criminal background check for safety purposes.

Let us take a look at the most common types of background checks:

  • Employment Background Checks

    This is the most prevalent background check conducted on applicants who have applied for jobs in businesses or corporations. Their background is checked to maintain a safe working space.

    Employment screenings generally include verification of SSN, criminal records, civil records, address history, resume verification, drug and alcohol screenings, and medical registries.

    Employment checks are also conducted on board members and executives, and they are more exhaustive.

  • Tenant Background Checks

    A landlord gets a tenant background screening to protect against any liabilities. They generally screen an individual's criminal records, credit reports, rental history, and employment verification.

  • Criminal Background Checks

    If you want to ensure your safety when dealing with a new person, then a criminal background check helps you know whether a person was involved in illegal activities or not.

  • Credit Background Checks

    A credit background screening reveals crucial information about an individual's credit ratings, bankruptcies, and other relevant data.

    They are conducted for new hires and people applying for a loan. Credit reports provide a detailed insight into how much someone owes and if they have been paying their bills regularly.

  • Universal Background Checks

    These checks are not required by federal law. But, many states across the country need Universal background screening for private firearm transactions.

  • Personal Background Checks

    These screenings give you an opportunity to know your public record information. Personal background checks provide information regarding criminal records, employment history, education, and even bankruptcy records. Some self background reports may also include details about your driving records.

  • Motor Vehicle Record Background Checks

    The MVR Checks are used to confirm whether an individual's license is valid. It also finds other violations related to driving. It is commonly used to check a person's driving history and criminal history during the hiring process.

  • Professional License & Education Background Checks

    If you are hiring someone who holds a professional license in their field or has mentioned specific education, you can get a license and education check done. Many occupations in the country need to be verified. For instance, contractors, professors, preschool teachers, and other senior professionals are required to go through this check.

  • Fingerprint Background Checks

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation gathers fingerprint data through its sophisticated identification system. If you have employees dealing with sensitive information or security clearances, getting fingerprint screenings for new hires is advisable. They provide information related to criminal charges, case results, address, employment history, and insurance information.

  • E-Verify Background Checks

    There is an electronic system that is referred to as E-verify. It is used to scan information pertaining to a candidate's employment eligibility. So, you will be able to know whether a prospective applicant is authorized to work in the country.

Is consent required to conduct a background check?

There are ample public sources where you can get a background screening done. These sources include people's search websites, public libraries, land registry databases, and driver abstracts. But, if you need information such as credit history, health care records, and police records, a person's consent is required.

The investigating authority needs to consider various laws so that they do not violate an individual's privacy.

Moreover, you have the right to deny the consent for a background check. But your employer or tenant legally requires a background check to determine whether you are suitable for getting a job or a place for rent. So, the applicant must sign an authorization form for performing the background check.

Agencies usually conduct these checks, or people search websites that employ sophisticated software to check a person's background.

What do Background Checks Include?

Background checks provide you with a wealth of information about a person's background. Here is a list of details that you get after performing a background investigation:

  • Education history, employment history, and other personal details
  • Civil records of an individual
  • Sexual offenses, if any
  • Information regarding criminal violations at the city, county, and state level

You can search to gain access to a detailed background check report. So, what are you waiting for? Just type in the name of the person, their city, and state, and get ready to know an individual's past activities. People Directory

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